Competitive Advantages

Window covering, flyscreen and awning manufacturers sector is highly competitive and globalized. Nevaluz is positioned as a first level manufacturer, 100% committed with innovation, design and quality to meet the needs of window covering, home decor, blinds, installers and architects.

We have used high-tech equipment and positioned ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of sun protection systems.

The accuracy and guarantee that requires aircrafts and cars fused with the industrial manufacture of awnings and canopies. The main advantages are:

  • Versatility: From graphic design to production.
  • Capacity: Single Sequence for all parts
  • Accuracy: Guaranteed 99.99%
  • Fluency: Optimization of production time

Focusing on sustainability and competitiveness through continuous improvement, we keep on developing more functional and versatile products through the following standards:

Functionality - Flexibility - Scalability - Reliability


Our worldwide expansion leads to a substantial increase in production, logistics capacity, productivity and service to our customers.

Our strategic alliance with leading textile manufacturers and freight forwarding agencies completes our commitment to quality and customer orientation.

Meterial IDI


The Nevaluz Group focuses on the quality of its entire organization to meet the needs of customers. For this we are guided by two key competences:

Integral control that allows faster production chain
Design process combined with high technology

We are aware of the value of our customers accessing a high-performance production line, reducing costs and delivery times.

Elements that represent our goal of excellence:

  1. Reduction of delivery times
  2. Personalized customer service
  3. Integral control of molds or dies
  4. Order sequencing and online data capture
  5. Quality control, comprehensive traceability
  6. Own logistics, we have a fleet of trucks.


INTEGRAL CONTROL of production is the result of continuous investment in improvement and expansion projects. The main difference is the merger between raw material supplier and manufacturer, regardless of intermediaries. In this way, stock breaks are also avoided and manufacturing times are optimized. Likewise, Nevaluz is trained to create customized production projects for our clients.


  • Casting and extrusion of aluminum
  • Lacquered and anodized plants
  • Injection of plastics and molds
  • Foliate and imitation wood
  • Strategically located warehouses of profiles, fabrics and accessories.

We guarantee our commitment to quality through the excellence demonstrated in our benchmarking studies. Achieving and maintaining these high levels is possible thanks to an agile organization and a solid structure in mechanization, production and shipping controls.

  1. Integrated digital management
  2. Strategic controls at each point of production
  3. Statistical productivity control
  4. Latest technology machinery

The fundamental difference of Nevaluz is based on the training of our employees for the correct performance of their functions and increasing efficiency. Supporting initiatives to improve processes and information transparency policy among all departments.

Taking into account all of the above, the combination of design and engineering, investment and projection, high production quality and personalized customer service make the Nevaluz Group one of the most competitive manufacturers in the sector.

Quality policy


So that a company like PORTALUM is able to provide the service that you request from the national and international markets, you need the idea of ​​quality to be present in all the activities and decisions of the organization and that all your personal are as follows:

Each employee is responsible for the quality of his own work.

It is a strategic goal of PORTALUM, as well as the manufacture of products at a quality level that are competitive from the market point of view, in line with current legislation (legal and regulatory requirements) and contractual and customer requirements from the point of view of the Company.
For the policy adopted by PORTALUM, it is working on a well-documented quality system based on the UNE Standards that are regularly checked for compliance, effectiveness and continuing.

Every person will have an obligation to meet and comply with anything that is established in the basic documentation of the Quality System: Quality Manual and Quality Operating Procedures.

The quality system that is implemented has as general objectives:

Ensure the products manufactured by PORTALUM. meet customer requirements and expectations.
Prevent the appearance of problems caused by non-compliance with the requirements, such as the use of products, documents or defective services.
Create a milestone of quality through the continued improvement of business management and the products or services offered.

These general objectives will be realized in the quantifiable annual objectives, the fulfillment of which is attained by all the personnel of PORTALUM.
The diffusion of the Policy and the Quality Objectives is the responsibility of the Quality Manager.
This Quality Management Manual, as well as the Quality documents referenced in the same form, and which develops its application in the entire scope of PORTALUM.

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