Competitive Advantages

The manufacturing sector of technical curtains, mosquito nets, and solar protection systems is highly competitive and globalized. Nevaluz, positioned as a top-level manufacturer, is committed to innovation in the design of new products that meet the needs of decoration manufacturers, blinds, installers, and architects.

To achieve our goals, we leverage advanced technology from the Formula 1 and aviation sectors, which positions us as one of the leading manufacturers of solar protection systems. The fusion of precision and guarantee required in airplanes and racing cars with industrial manufacturing of solar protection provides us with several advantages, including:

  • Versatility: from graphic design to production
  • Capacity: a single sequence for all parts
  • Precision: 99.99% guaranteed
  • Efficiency: optimization of production times


With a focus on sustainability and competitiveness through continuous improvement, we develop more functional and versatile products while maintaining high standards of:

Functionality - Flexibility - Scalability - Reliability

Constant geographical expansion around the world results in an increase in production capacity enhancing productivity and service to our customers. Furthermore, our strategic alliances with leading textile manufacturers and transportation agencies complement Nevaluz's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Meterial IDI


PORTALUM main focus is on quality throughout its organization, aiming to meet the needs of its customers. To achieve this, the company uses two main capabilities: integral control, which allows a faster production chain, and a combined design process with high technology.

The company recognizes the value of offering its customers a high-performance production line, reducing costs and delivery times. To achieve this goal, Portalum adopts elements that represent its commitment to excellence:

  1. Reduced delivery times
  2. Personalized service
  3. Integral control of molds or dies
  4. Order sequencing and online data capture
  5. Quality control
  6. In-house logistics


Integral control of production is the result of continuous investments in improvement and expansion projects, allowing for the integration between raw material suppliers and manufacturers, avoiding stock shortages, and optimizing manufacturing times. Portalum also offers customized production projects for its customers.

The company has various resources available, including:

  1. Aluminum casting and extrusion
  2. Coated and anodized plants
  3. Plastic injection and molds
  4. Foil and wood imitation

In addition to strategically located warehouses for profiles, fabrics, and accessories.

PORTALUM ensures its commitment to quality through benchmarking studies and an agile organization with a solid structure in mechanization, production, and logistical controls. The company utilizes integrated digital management, strategic controls at each production point, statistical productivity control, and state-of-the-art machines.

The key difference of PORTALUM lies in the training of its employees for the proper performance of their functions and increased efficiency. The company also supports initiatives to improve processes and promotes transparency in information sharing among all departments.

With the combination of design and engineering, investment and projection, high production quality, and personalized customer service, Portalum stands out as one of the most competitive manufacturers in the industry.






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